Basic Dos and Don’ts of Gambling

Basic Dos and Don’ts of Gambling

Gambling is addictive and glamorous, which is why it often appeals to rookies with some extra cash on their hands. It is a game that usually starts off smooth, and many people call it beginner’s luck; however, things can go downfall pretty fast if a player forgoes vigilance and rationality. A winning streak may bestow overconfidence, whereas perpetual losses trigger frustration and the compulsion to win everything back. Gambling can be enjoyable and fun, as long as you retain emotional control, set boundaries, and understand your limitations.

Gambling is not a pastime many can afford to indulge in on a regular basis. If you don’t play by the rules and get overly involved, it can become a major problem. A gambling addiction may propel an individual to conduct the seven deadly sins, i.e. pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. Many well-to-do and decent looking men and women commit white collar crimes to feed this addiction; this poses a hazard to the economy and their personal wellbeing.

The following dos and don’ts of gambling shall help you stay out of trouble:

1. Do set aside a budget

Predetermining a fixed budget is a must before you step into a casino and start making bets. If you start playing without reservations, you will be drawn into a vicious cycle that only ends when you’ve spent your last penny. Evaluating you finances is imperative before you decide to try your hand at gambling. Do not indulge in this sport unless you have surplus cash that you are willing to lose. Once you’ve depleted your budget, walk away with dignity.

2. Don’t be a sore loser

Remember that gambling is a game of luck and chance, thus losing is inevitable. Whether you are a beginner or expert, a loss must not affect your etiquette. Getting angry or upset will not help your case, though it may get you humiliated and banned from the establishment. If you’re having a bad day, accept it as it is and give yourself a break.

3. Do learn the rules in advance

If you’re visiting a casino, you will find a variety of games to try your luck. If you are good at one game, it is wise to stick to it. Do not barge into a game if you don’t know the rules of playing. Your incoherence will be frowned upon and losing money is almost guaranteed. Read the rule book and practice before you gamble with real money. You should be fluent in verbal commands, hand gestures, and maintaining a poker face.
dos and don’ts of gambling

4. Don’t take unnecessary risks

Gambling is a risk itself, but let’s not get into that debate. If you have never gambled before, try not to get reckless once you start. For example, if you have had multiple wins, do not let it get to your head. Some people are driven by impudence, so they raise the stakes assuming that their luck won’t run out. They might wager everything they have or something they cannot afford to lose. Many gamblers turn frantic when they keep losing. Their egoism does not allow them to admit defeat, so they risk it all. What happens next is hapless and predictable; their spouse files divorces and they file for bankruptcy.

5. Do tip dealers and waiters

Mastering the game of gambling takes more than skill and sheer luck. It is in your best interests to be in the good books of the people who manage the casino or betting business. If you berate the dealers and tell off waiters, you are deliberately putting yourself at a disadvantage. Being nice to these people and tipping them generously will make way for beneficial opportunities for you. This is particularly important if you plan to frequent the place and turn gambling into a lucrative hobby.

6. Don’t get drunk and obnoxious

Allowing yourself to get intoxicated is the stupidest thing you could do while you’re in a casino surrounded by a bunch of other gamblers. Drinking dulls the senses and encourages a person to take bigger risks, which is the last thing you need in the situation. You won’t be able to think rationally and sober candidates around you will take advantage of your condition. Whining and pointing fingers when you lose, or acting pompously when you win are equally disgraceful.

If you came to gamble, know that you meant to have some fun at your own risk and you should keep it that way. Drunken people at casinos are the most obnoxious ones, and management only tolerates them until their pockets are full of money they want to throw away.

7. Do spend winnings wisely

If you snag a big win at the casino, don’t become insatiable or feel invincible. Be grateful for your luck and don’t let this blessing go to waste. If you are going to gamble it all away in the hopes of gaining even more, you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot. Put your winnings in a savings account or use it to make an investment that pays off. Gambling is not a career – the sooner you acknowledge that, the better.
try your hand at gamblin

8. Don’t play with borrowed money

Not to be a killjoy, but stay away from gambling if you are already struggling with debt. Borrowing money to gamble is the most ridiculous idea ever, unless you’re addicted and in too deep already. There’s no point in playing within the big leagues if you’re broke, inexperienced, and already have creditors chasing you for debt collection.

9. Do embrace objectivity

It is not uncommon to get emotionally attached to gambling subjects. If you’re betting on a sports team, do not let personal feelings and favoritism cloud your judgment. You have to identify the winning team and place your bet accordingly.

10. Don’t be the loner

If you want to make gambling a regular thing, you should concentrate on socializing and fitting in with the crowd. There’s a lot you can learn from old-timers and it doesn’t hurt to have a few friends at the table. Detachment will make you an easy target for manipulation, which is a colossal threat to your finances.

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